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Review of Cloudriders by Nick Cook. It's pretty spiffing!

If Cloudriders had been around when I was 12, I doubt I would have made it to school until I’d read it cover to cover -- twice. Nick Cook, author of this magnetic, young adult adventure, the first in a series of three, has captured my imagination though the eyes of its protagonists, Dom and Jules – two characters that resonate teen angst/exploration, and is built of the stuff every kid aspires to be.
Nick cook winds his words around your mind just like the twisters in Cloudriders. The imagery that is used in the wonderful sci-fi novel, Cloudriders,  is created with an eloquent fervency surpassed only by such greats as Hemmingway and Twain (in my opinion); yet it is so subtly suited to its younger, intended audience that it’s like swallowing silken,  melted chocolate.
This is a tale of fiction, yet it weaves in all that is possible in our undiscovered Universe, too. It’s set in the tornado territories of the USA, with real settings and tragic back stories, jealousy and breath-taking s…

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